Plans & Pricing

  • Step 1: Select your device

    One time fee for "Right to Use"
  • Wisepad

    INR 650
  • Wisepad G2

    INR 2,500
  • Wisepad G2+

    INR 6,000
  • Wisepos w/o

    INR 10,000
  • Wisepos with

    INR 12,000
Step 2: Monthly support service plan (any one) Super Saver Pack Individual Pack
Basic services
INR 350
per month
for all the services
INR 200
per month
for the basic services
Unlimited transactions
Transaction alerts (in app)
Mswipe app (5 users)
Merchant portal with downloadable reports
Helpdesk support
Digital charge slips
Additional services
Daily statement of accounts (email) 200 per month
Daily settlement into mapped bank a/c of your choice 10 per settlement
On site engineer support 200 per visit
Repairs / spare parts As per actuals
Charge back management fees 500 per case
Change in bank account 500 per a/c change
Step 3: Add on packs INR Annual Fees
Amex card acceptance activation (subject to approval) 1,000
Sodexo card acceptance (subject to approval) 1,000
SMS alerts 500
ATM Le (Cash@Pos) 500
SIM Card (data only for use with Mswipe terminals) 500
Make your own plan
Up front charges (for wisepad G2, Super saver pack and no Add on packs) Pay for 1 month in advance Pay for 6 months and get 1 month free* Pay for 12 months and get 2 months free*
Product fee 2,500 2,500 2,500
Monthly support service fee* 350 2,100 4,200
Add on pack fee as per selection as per selection as per selection
Discount NA 350 700
You Pay# 2,850 4,250 6,000

#exclusive of GST